COVID information for our guests

Important information about COVID travelling restrictions and requirements

Dear guests, 

restrictions and requirements for entering Czech republic and further for visiting restaurants and sights and staying in hotels are changing often based on actual situation. 

Every traveller entering Czech republic is in obligation to fill travellers questionaire which you can find here: 

Basicaly, if you are arriving from "green" - low risk country, you are vaccinated with EMA approved vaccine and have official english written certificate issued by your authorities, most of the restrictions do not apply to you. 

If you arrive from orange, red, purple or black country, various restrictions apply. To be sure what applies to you, please check the following websites:


Please note that for visiting restaurants, hotels and sights is requested to provide vaccination certificate or to have valid PCR or antigen test from official medical authority. You may also ungergo the self-test on the sport and present negative result. Restaurant staff is not in most cases requesting the tests or certificates, however police may do random checks and request them from you.

Wearing face mask is obligatory in all inside spaces all the time except for eating/drinking. Safe social distance should be maintained all the time. It is forbidden to dance in the clubs. 

In our hotel, you may undergo the test upon arrival for 150 CZK, but we are not anymore able to issue a confirmation for the sake of visiting other venues. We only can accept the result of the test for providing you with accommodation in case you are not vaccinated and you do not have offical test to present.