Sustainability Policy

Dear Guests, 
At our hotels, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We believe every little effort counts towards making the world greener and cleaner for future generations. Here are some of the critical aspects of our internal sustainability policy:

1. WASTE SEPARATION: We duly sort waste throughout all hotel operations. This practice includes separating plastics, paper, organic waste, metals, and electronic waste. Doing so reduces our environmental footprint and contributes to the responsible disposal of materials.

2. TOWEL AND BEDDING REUSE: To minimize water and energy consumption, we offer our guests the option to reuse towels and bedding during their stay. We change them only when our guests place them on the bathroom floor, indicating their preference for fresh linens.

3. ECO-FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS: We exclusively use cleaning products that carry bio-degradable certifications. These products are effective and environmentally friendly, ensuring that our cleaning practices are gentle for the planet.

4. ZERO FOOD WASTE: We are committed to reducing food waste by carefully managing our kitchen operations. Our chefs work diligently to minimize food waste while providing our guests with delicious meals.

5. LOCAL AND SEASONAL SOURCING: We take pride in using predominantly local sources and seasonal ingredients in our food offerings. By supporting local producers and using seasonal products, we reduce the carbon footprints created by transporting goods over long distances.

6. PAPERLESS ARCHIVING: We use electronic archiving systems to reduce paper usage. All documents (besides those that are not required to be stored and printed by local authorities) and records are kept digitally, minimizing our environmental impact.

7. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION: We prioritize online communication and provide links as well as QR codes.

We are committed to ongoing improvements. We continuously seek out new and innovative ways to be even more environmentally responsible. Our dedication to sustainability is a journey that never stops, and we are always exploring opportunities to reduce our ecological footprint while maintaining high standards of service and comfort for our valuable guests.